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From Parade Dress to Keepsake Decor

After four years at the Naval Academy, this dress uniform jacket would just be relegated to the back of a closet. Proud parents of this United States Naval Academy graduate wanted to transform the jacket into a one-of-a-kind keepsake for their daughter by repurposing the beautiful dress uniform jacket into a pillow. They brought the jacket to me, with an idea of using the jacket for a rectangular pillow, preserving the double row of brass buttons and the collar for the front, and resizing the sleeves so the pillow would resemble the original design of the jacket. It took a lot of thinking, measuring, trimming interfacing and interlinings. After multiple calculations, machine and hand sewing, and creating the perfect insert for the new created pillow, the project was completed. What would have been a forgotten but poignant reminder of an extraordinary accomplishment was reimagined and recreated into a forever

conversation-starter keepsake. They were thrilled with the results! What I love about what I do is the imagination of my clients and the challenge of making them come to life. If you can dream it, we can do it! Contact me at, or 912-844-1794 for your next creative project.

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